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A retained executive search firm distinguished by superior client service. Our professionals deliver leadership in technology and IT management, business and professional services, consumer products and services, health care, financial services, industrial products and services, energy and natural resources, education, and not-for-profit. Resources and Reach We have searchable access to potential candidates through a variety of Internet-based resources. Our project management system allows our search teams to efficiently and effectively move candidates through the evaluation process and ultimately to the presentation to the client. These technology tools coupled with experienced search professionals in major business centers worldwide provide our clients with timely, successful search solutions. Search Collaboration Each search demands specific expertise. Strong, collegial relationships between professionals across Canada and around the world enables to create an effective search team qualified to meet the individual needs of each assignment, whether cross-industry, cross-functional, or cross-cultural. Select Clientele Consistently provides clients the individualized personal attention that builds lasting relationships. We select our clients as carefully and thoughtfully as they select us. This client-focused strategy significantly broadens the firm's access to executive talent, accelerating search progress and providing clients greater options.

Practice Groups

We categorize our areas of expertise in two ways: <ul> <li>industry expertise, defined by sectors of the economy</li> <li>functional expertise, which describe a particular executive role</li> </ul> Our expertise plays a vital part in helping our clients to identify emerging trends and corresponding strategies for success. Clients benefit from the knowledge, focus and added value that our search teams provide - much of which is a result of successful careers in the areas in which they specialize. Through our knowledge base and strategic contacts, we know where to find and how to recruit the best talent worldwide.

Board Services

Conducts board searches for corporate directors around the world, serving best of class companies in today’s most competitive industries. Distinguished by superior client service, our experienced search teams are committed to helping our clients strengthen their boards by attracting effective and informed business leaders. As world-class companies gear themselves to meet the global challenges of […]

Business & Professional Services

The Business & Professional Services Practice helps build leadership teams in business and professional services organizations as well as in key corporate functions. We have assisted many clients in building their companies and firms, including helping to develop and grow e-business capabilities. Clients are service firms and corporate organizations from global entities to start-ups where […]

Human Resources

A company’s most valuable asset is its employees. In the modern business environment, attracting and keeping good people is essential. This makes HR executives a crucial part of the management team. They can make the difference between failure and success. Good HR executives have become highly prized – and hard to find. Demand is also […]

Industrial Products & Services

The right leadership determines success or survival. With fewer internal opportunities for management development and only a handful of companies investing in ongoing executive and training programs of quality, the pool of qualified talent borders on being microscopic. industrial products and services practice provides clients with options — access to candidates with the talent and […]

CEO & Executive Management

Recognized as one of the pre-eminent firms in Canada in the recruitment of CEOs and executive management in both the public and private sectors. Consultants are known for their ability to develop, through consultation with a range of stakeholders, a comprehensive understanding of a client organization. Our knowledge of the factors that lead to executive success and our ability to gain an understanding of the unique culture of an organization have been key factors in our growth to a leadership position in Canada and internationally. Distinguished by superior client service, our experienced search teams are committed to helping our clients strengthen their executive teams by attracting effective and progressive leaders.

Consumer Products & Services

Technological advances, globalization and the Internet are abruptly reshaping the rules in today’s consumer products & services market. Success often requires rethinking the strategies that drive customer, employee and investor relationships as well as the value chain itself: designing, manufacturing, purchasing, marketing, selling and delivering goods and services. With our quest for excellence and entrepreneurial […]


Committed to recruiting the leaders of tomorrow, is equally committed to the institutions that train and educate these leaders. professionals in Canada have a strong track record of success working with leading educational institutions to attract academic and administrative talent. From Universities and Colleges to private schools, has recruited leaders from across Canada and around […]

Energy and Natural Resources

Today’s energy and natural resource companies face intense market and competitive pressures. Companies are challenged with commodity price volatility, government deregulation and asset privatization. Managing these industry cycles is paramount to building shareholder value. Continued industry consolidation and business globalization will require companies to be proactive in capitalizing on new market opportunities. Strong leadership will […]

Financial Management

The impact of technology on the modern business environment has forced companies to reinterpret the traditional roles of financial management. The emphasis has shifted from scorekeeping to commercial awareness, leadership and value added. Has been a specialist in finance appointments for nearly 30 years. We operate across all our areas of practice, with an extensive track record of recruiting CFOs, finance directors and controllers for private and public sector organizations across Canada and around the globe.

Financial Services

Mergers, rampant growth and volatility in financial markets, globalization, deregulation and e-Business are dramatically reshaping the rules in today's financial services industry. In this intensely competitive climate, a focus on customers, innovative strategies and flawless execution are essential for any organization's success. Above all, financial services firms now require strong leaders, global visionaries and superbly qualified professionals to move them into the 21st century. Guided by partners experienced in recruiting financial services leadership around the globe, has recruited practice managers, business builders, technical specialists and other Executive Opportunities across the full spectrum of financial services sectors. Our expertise in M&A, corporate finance, private equity, structured finance, syndications, capital markets, private banking and infrastructure assignments enables us to add immediate value to developing search plans for executive assignments. Our non-transactional, consultative approach to search execution coupled with our commitment to evolving industry specializations assuresclients a high return on their investment in leadership.

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Big Brain Squeeze

Canada’s healthcare organizations continue to face significant challenges and government mandated restructuring. Ever increasing public scrutiny from an aging population will keep the pressure on healthcare organizations to operate more effectively and efficiently. the leader in Canada in helping health care organizations find key leaders and build professional teams. We enable health care organizations to win the war for talent through a unique combination of capabilities: a comprehensive national and global network; state-of-the-art recruiting systems; and a keen eye for judging culture fit, motivation and potential. Experienced as executives and recruiters in the industry, the professionals of healthcare practice have recruited numerous CEOs, top executives, and even physicians, to provide leadership to this critical industry.

Health Care